I wonder why my life is filled with a lot of drama, why can’t i be like people who have exciting lives without the DRAMA…I love life and i love being me…liking the thingz i like and doing things because i find some pleasure in doing them….talk..talk again…abi?

Something happened on Saturday and it has given me sleepless nights and constant dreams that are just too graphic to let me be.

My Dad came home one hot afternoon and just let it drop that we are leaving Owerri for one of the states in the middle belt…Wow, good news!! it was getting boring in Owerri anyways and because i couldn’t speak igbo and I was loving my Dad’s job of just disrupting our lives and packing us to the next state in the name of transfer. I love adventure, and this was one, i love meeting people and making friends and lawdy!… am not going to miss out on that too. I just couldn’t contain the news, i rushed out to tell all my friends the good news, only for one of them to start shedding tears…trying to hug me…I brushed her off…wasn’t going to allow them kill my joy…. and then we left.

Finally, we got there ( Am not going to let out that i hated my Mum for making us stay to complete the 3rd term in school but i did and with a vengeance) it was different from what i expected…not a big city like i was used to…few cars and all. I regretted my haste in leaving my friends but i wasn’t going let anyone at home know this, especially my Mum, they would have laughed at me…
However, with time, I started making friends again, mostly boys cause i loved and could beat them in any of their games….i was good in acrobatics, playing cowboys and Robbers, football…name any boy game and thats where you would find me…oh and I forgot to mention…i was a tomboy and it was fun cause of how innocent i was then. I really didn’t know the difference between the sexes, i was always attracted to boys unbelievable chemistry.
A few months later, the owner of the property where we stayed, decided to move into the next flat with his four(4) sons, 1 daughter, 3nephews and 2 nieces… at last we have neighbours in the big compound! More boys unbelievable chemistry unbelievable chemistry unbelievable chemistry…not that my mind was on anything apart from the fact that i would have friends to play with close to the house instead of going to the next compound.
Of all the boys, Phil*( not real name) became my best friend, even at the age of 11, he was not just handsome but beautiful, an adonis, tall for his age…He became my protector cause i was always getting into fights and he was always to the rescue. The funny thing was, i never noticed his looks then( I wonder why), I remember him saying…”Rosie, when am not there to help you these boys will kill you…stop fighting with boys, you are a girl..” and my reply was…”Ehh if they kill me when you come back you will kill them na…” He would smile and say of course but if they kill you we will not see again…” I never paused to ponder what that meant, I just knew he would always come to my rescue. The relationship was so innocent that he was always the first person to know when my mum was being difficult about something…there was no touching…groping or anything..he was just my best friend.
By the time he got into secondary school, i noticed he started keeping away from me, i didn’t understand it but felt bad…and when i asked he said he was too old to play the kind of games we used to play…he bought me my first copy of Captain Africa and the Marvel comics but never allowed me to read ikebe super and Lolly… who cared, We bought and read all the Pacetters Novels and discussed the characters when we had time…he was older but i was big for my age too and our parents started getting uncomfortable….but somehow we always had time to talk about things as we saw them…

And then Dad came home again…to say we were leaving…Now it was my turn to cry….I did for days, i didn’t want to leave. I still remember I cried and begged my father to take Phil too but he said it wasn’t possible. That was the first time Dad was denying me something and it hurt like hell. I held Phil and cried, we promised to keep in touch forever and Dad promised he would post all my letters to Phil and deliever all the replies….and then the letters started for years and we grew up and somehow they stopped and we lost touch from December 1985 to Friday April 26th, 2013…I never saw him again until….

Present day:

Somethime last year, my sister teased me and asked if i had ever seen or heard about Phil again ( My family alway teased me about him), when i said “No” she tried to persuade me to get a facebook account and search for him, believe me i was tempted but then what would i say to him, its been about 27 years. When she asked again, i told her to search for him if it was important to her, she did and found him! The first question he asked was where is Rosie? She gave him my number….and then the Drama started!
We kept talking on phone, reliving those years of innocence, laughing over them…..
Out of the blue he said…”Do you remember when i stopped playing with you and switched to just reading?’ I answered in the affirmative, “It was because i started developing a feeling for you that i didn’t know how to deal with, you were just a baby…” “I knew that if i had told you, you would have hated me and i couldn’t risk that, i was waiting for you to grow up and notice me as a boy and not just your friend”….DANGEROUS WATERS!!!…I kept silent, what come back do i have to that?
“….I WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN….” I switched off my phone!

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