My Story

Believe me when I say that these are my real experiences.   In fact, this happened yesterday.   I need to know if you guys feel me so I can continue to KNACK my tori.

Positive feedback is welcome.   Thanks guys.

I was almost done clearing my table when I heard the honk of the staff bus.   It was time to go home.   I hurriedly shut down my computer and locked my office.   I called my babe and told her that I was on my way to her house.   Traffic was light on the Lekki-Aja expressway from Jakande Roundabout up until the new Toll gate.   After spending close to 30 minutes in stand-still traffic, we agreed to use the Tarzan Ferry to cross the river from Shoprite to Bourdillon Ikoyi.   I highlighted at Iyana-Owro at exactly 4:35 pm and headed immediately for my babe’s house.
We hugged and said our pleasantries, asked about how the day went and pondered over what we would have for dinner.   Her siblings were very much around (about 7 of them, and what pests they are) and they needed to eat too.   I got out about 1K, and decided we would have spiced smoked fish with garri for dinner.   After sending one of the children to get the food, she told me to come closer.   She was lying on her back and I was sitting a little bit away from her on the only couch in the room.   She whispered in my ear that she was Hot and that she wanted to poke.   Actually, what she said was “K …” I said “yes” and she said “you know what I want now…” I pretended not to understand her and I said “tell me”.   Then she said “I want to poke.  ” I told her to hold on until after we had eaten.   Two hours later, I was lying on my back on the bed with my belt slightly loose.   Some of her siblings were playing delay tactics by eating slowly and watching cartoon.   I was agitated.   Oh boy, I kon dey vex.   I just could wait for them to gerrout so I could ravage my babe.   As if NEPA knew what was on my mind, they took light.   Ope oh!
The room was plunged into pitch black darkness.  I could sense the unspoken chemistry that suddenly filled the room.  she was sitting on the edge of the bed, exposing the dividing line separating her buttocks.  i was stilled sprawled on the bed in my relaxed state using my forefinger to trace the visible line.  I got a hard on immediately.  My babe was not the shy type when it came to poking.  In fact she likes it in dangerous places where we might get caught.  i will give you stories about our dangerous excapades later.  i became more intent with my touching and i moved further down below.  she jerked suddenly as i made contact with her ass hole.  she immediately asked everyone out of her room with these exact words “Oya,Oya, you people should go to your room.  I want to flit. ” amidst grumbling they all left the room and i was so happy when i heard the door (net) slam shut.  i grabbed her like a dog on heat and smooched her like my life depended on it.  i didn’t bother taking off her clothes.  i fondled her bosoms under her bra, and sucked on each unmentionable quickly. we only had a couple of minutes before those troublesome kids came back and the door wasnt locked.  i could not afford to waste any more time. i undid her zipper fumbled with her transparent lemon panties.  i shifted it with my middle finger and slid my forefinger into her honey pot.  she was invitingly wet.   there was a bit of a problem though.  she was wearing shorts and i could not penetrate.  there was just too much hindrance.  so i whispered in her ear to remove the shorts and tie a wrapper just in case.  she obliged.  she sat on my legs facing the door.  i moved her wrapper up and toyed with her clitoris briefly while undoing my zipper and trying to slot in my kini.  i couldnt hold on any longer.  i needed to take her there and then.  my manliness entered her wet and dripping womanliness and i felt like heaven.  immediately, i heard a voice in the corridor, a voice approaching the room said, “is any one in this house, i am back oh!”.  It was her elder sister.  DAMN!
We quickly disengaged and pretended to discuss. She just came back from church and was trying to tell us what she had learnt that day. Oh boy, my body no gree oh! i just dey vex say why this babe con spoil my show. my girl understood how i felt cuz she started sulking, she sef be tigress. whenever she is Horny, she’s got to get laid. as a sharp guy, i no dull oh. i just make one flimsy excuse con exit go corridor, meanwhile their corridor long well, well and was hell dark. i go the last end of the corridor con siddon for the bench wey dey there. i was still brooding ova what happened when my babe came out of the room towards me. instinctively, my statue of liberty was at attention. we had the same thing on our minds, hot crazy dangerous fucking. she had barely gotten to where i was than i grabbed her breasts and squeezed them underneath the wrapper at the same time keeping my ears alert for any sound of approaching feet. i con finger her toto and she don ova wet. she unzipped me and started fondling my dick while i kissed her all over. Men, it was mad. we spent barely 60 seconds doing that and she pushed me back on the bench with my back to the wall. she pulled the bench forwards a little and made me relax my back on the wall. she sat on top me while i was still sitting on the bench and guided my hard dick into her wet pussy. i almost screamed out of ecstasy. i held her big yansh as she rocked me back and forth. she has a rule, she cums first before me and she does it her way. i noticed how vigorous she was as she was rocking me and i knew that this was no preamble, she was gonna cum. i pressed her yansh tighter while saying nasty things to her “yeah baby, take that dick, oh i love it. cum for daddy” was what i was saying, she loves to hear me talk nasty. then she began to speak too, a sign that she was gonna explode soon. “yeeeeeee, K, (my name), i cant miss this, this is too sweeet, ahhhhhhh”  then we heard someone say, “TA LO WA NIBE YEN?” meaning who’s there? it was her aged dad. obviously we had made some noise and he had woken up. we were opposite his room. i told her to get up but for where? she said ” i don’t care i have to come.” she was riding me faster now, and by now my back and legs don dey ache me small small because i no dey comfortable. then she shook vigorously and kissed me all over saying ‘i love u, “over and over. “my turn” i whispered to her.

She turned and placed her hands on the bench and revealed her wide, fleshy pink pussy to me. i slid in without much of a hitch (oh she was damn wet). i started banging like i would die the next minute. i grabbed her boobs and started grunting like a mad pig. she lifted one had and was hitting and pushing my arse further deep inside the hole. i felt the warmth all over my body and told her “i am cumming baby” she said oh yeah oh yeah. i came with a muffled ahhhhhhhhhhh coz i heard movement in the room. the dad was coming out. she quickly took her wrapper and left me there while i pretended to look for something. the man came out and asked ” so u r the one disturbing me, y were u making all that noise?”
did he know?
i went like, ” i was looking for my flash pen that fell and i hit my leg in the process” he just looked at me and said “ehen”
men i was poo scared. i guess he didnt know coz yesterday i went there and he responded well to me.


For a lot of us here(in Lagos, Nigeria), it happened to be a wet wet Sunday a couple of days back and it WAS eventful.  Was on my way back from church when the clouds pulled together and the atmosphere condensed for a downpour. As the rain started in trickles, i sought shelter in TANTIZ fast food directly opposite church. In a demented rush to avoid the heavy pelts, i bumped into someone and almost fell. i had begun to curse and fume at the culprit responsible for the stains that now appeared on my shirt when i raised my eyes and saw her. It was Bisi. She opened her mouth in surprise and mock laughter upon seeing me. “It’s a lie.” I said. “What on earth are you doing here?” I asked ignoring the situation temporarily because koni man die, koni man bury am. I was already calculating the algebra of getting her naked on my bed and was not gonna let this chance slip by. “Actually, i just arrived from mars” she joked. “I am so sorry” she pleaded. she had come to church too and just had lunch. i feigned worry and upset at having my clothes stained so i said, “what am i gonna do now?”. OH boy, she no chop am oh. she just dey look me one kind one kind. I formulate plan B sharp sharp. i ask am which side she dey go, she talk say she dey go her sister place for Ikoyi. I beg am make she drop me for road. As we dey inside car, I Just dey look this girl dey think of i go take Knack am. Memories of our previous yanshing came flooding back. I met her at a seminar and we got talking. she was writing a book similar to a paper I just delivered and wanted more input. To cut long tori short, I yansh am that day oh, but it took all the scoping prowess I could deliver before she gree.

Back to present day

I try chat am up, dey talk plenty things but I no go near wetin happen before between us. this babe no even gimme yellow light talk less of green. My people, na so I lose hope oh. I con bone say e be like say I no go do anything with this babe afterall. But guys, you know what, providence had other plans in store for me.


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