Hmmm….Ok let me share my first sex experience with you guys…Hope you will read it and also drop your comments.
This happened 3years ago when i was still 22years old….I ve been a virgin for so long and i was eagerly praying to get laid by all means..
I ve been visiting erotic sex sites, viewing nude photos, reading sex stories and watching alot of porn which always ends in serious masturbation where i would wank my little man silly.
Ok back to the main event..I had a neighbour..She was older than me..Let me just call her by the name (joy)..
Joy was 26years or there about and shares her room with another girl..As of then both of them were students in Abia poly.
Most of the times we charge our phone batteries in her apartment and i also watch movies there whenever i got nothing doing and their generator is on..
They use their generator alot, she is quiet a big girl if you know what i mean cos she owns almost all those household appliances thats makes life much enjoyable..Her home was richly furnished..
So on that lucky saturday morning..Her roommate was not at home cos she travelled on friday’s evening..I was reading a novel when she came out to put on her generator..Mehn that day as she came out she was wearing this extra hot mindblowing bum short..My eyes quickly travelled at the speed of light and were busily fixed on her bum bum the way a fly discreetly locates an excreta by its pungent smell..Watching every seductive movement it makes..And i didnt even noticed that this has given me instant hardon..My little lizard has risen to the occassion..Left with no other choice i quickly made it to the lavatory, drop my boxers and beat my black snake silly after am done i came out a little relieved..
Yes i didnt mention that i ve been fantasizing about fucking the hell out of Joy and her friend each time am having my masturbation sessions..
After some few minutes i went and knock on her door..She said i should hold on..After some moments she opened up..I made a move to come in but she blocked my way and says shes not entertaining any one today cos she is somewhat busy..
I was surprised and asked her why she is suddenly behaving this way since we always charged our phones there before..So playfullly i pushed her aside and forced my way in emphasizing that i only wanted to charge my low battery phone and also watch some movie with her..
She was serious with me and said that she is reading..But i didnt see any book there..So i told her she is not being straight with me..
So after some fuss she now asked me if am a virgin..Although i was i lied to her that am not cos i somehow knew what was coming..She said good and locked her door..Muttering that its no big deal afterall..
She went back and switched on her tv and dvd..And a hardcore chinese mojo started playing on the screen..
Immediately my mouth dropped open, she looked at me, smiled and said you asked for it.
She said that she has been horny since yesterdays night..And now that am going to give her some sugar.
She came at me..Started fondling my extra hard banana through my trousers..And it was paining me due to the earlier biz i did with it..So i quickly stood up and pulled down my clothes..My dick sprung out..
She gasped and said its damn big..
She started stroking my dick up and down..After some few minutes she released it and removed her own clothings..For the first time i saw clearly what a real woman looks like and my mouth drop open in an O manner..
Before i could finish pronouncing MAS-TUR-BA-TION, her sexy G-sting pant was off and i found myself buried between her open legs doing justice to her now dripping wet pussy, furiously sucking it as if my poor life depended on it…As i kept nibbling her her red swollen clitoris, she kept wringing in pleasure..
Joy was simply a wide horny bitch as she kept crying aaaaasssshhh..oooooosssshhh…oh yea…dont stop baby, while i was running circles round her clit, pinching her blood engorged nipples and finger fucking her at the same time..
After 10mins of sucking her non-stop the first mind-blowing orgasm hit her over charged body…She died and woke repeatedly somewhere between heaven and earth as she kept shouting am cuuuuummmmmmiiiiiiinnnng yeeeeeeaaaaaaa….
After the shock subsided i immediately, lifted her legs up and aimed for her pussy straight away..Before she could say jack sparrow my dick was already half way in..Gosh i have never experienced this type of pleasure in my life before..Sex was so sweet that i was floating in my imaginations..
She moaned out and i pushed myself all the way in..For the fact that i ve been watching porn i know what else to do..So i started humping her..But been inexperienced my dick would slide out from her pussy and she will put it back in again..She told me to take it cool that i will enjoy it that way..
I humped like 5mins and i came so hard that my brains wanted to burst..
I slid out my dick which was going limp..
She told me she is not yet satisfied..That she needs a good fuck..So she started sucking my dick which grows back into action..
She then told me to fuck her from behind, i now knelt behind her like we wan pray and penetrate..
I rammed her for more extra 10mins and came again..She said i was so sweet, while she was busy uttering ahhhhh, oh yea, hmmm our body was also busy humming pam pam pam pam sound in affirmative chorus..We both lay on the floor gasping for air..
After some minutes she started sucking my dick again and it was up but was now paining me like hell..She started riding me till she came hard..She lay on top of me and we drift to sleep..
Later when we woke up her generator was off..So I got dressed and winks at her knowing that i will still have some sugar yet another day…But i know and believe firmly that this first fuck was so fantastic and will be my sweetest fuck ever!……………

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