My first time – true story

I was 17 years old and had no lessons at school and decided to stay at home. Everybody was away, mum & dad at work and my brother and sister had gone to school.  Only the house maid was at home.

i resected her and she respected me. She was like my aunt and I called her auntie. She was very short and light in comlexion – noticably she had thunder thighs. the nicest legs ever!

Anyway me decided to study because I could hear all my parents advice say “Study o! Pliz study o!”

After an hour of study, I decide to go to my bedroom to fetch yesterday’s newsapaper on my bed. I walked into my bedroom and found auntie sitting on a chair facing the door and reading the paper. she didn’t notice me standing at the door andwas busy going through the stories. I had never seen her so much quiet and concentrating. I know she had stopped going to school very young and didn’t read very well.

As always, us guys always look – I looked at her legs. She was wearing that very short dress that ended a good 20 or 30cm above her knees. She sat with her legs slightly open but because of those huge thighs – no see pussy o. Her knees had dark patches, I think becoz she kneels when she cleans the floor.

I was enjoying the legs and didn’t notice she had lifted her head – “Heeee! What are you looking at?” she said as she closed her legs tight. I was so shocked and embarrassed and didn’t know what to say. The weak words that I could afford were that I was trying to read the sports story on the back. She bought it and sighed and relaxed her body. I also sighed as I walked towards her. I still wanted to convince her that I was reading the back page. She also instinctively turned the paper round as I went behind her and leaned over her shoulder to point at any story.

“This one, about the Manchester match” I said. She was not ashamed by not being able to read so she started to read very slowly. As she went on reading word by word I was saying “Aha – yah”, but as she went on she was killing me. Now that dress was showing too much cleavage (for a teenager & this was auntie!!!)

Now it was too late, my dick was hard and couldn’t help but press it against the back of the chair. She hadn’t noticed anything up to now. or maybe she had – ladies maybe you can tell us. Do you notice when you kill us like dis?

Like baloon that’s too full I burst, became a mad man, didn’t care what she was going to say.. I cut her in middle of a word, “I like your body”

She froze for what seemed to be eternity – didn’t know what her reaction would be. My erection began to subside. I also slowly began to lift myself away – but just in time she resonded, “What do u like about my body?”

“That time, truth is I was looking at yo legs”, I said.

“I knew it”, she said with a smile. “…. and what else, my body is not just legs.”

By now the tone in her voice had changed, I had never heard her seak like dis.

I told her, “Right now I was seeing yo two ant-hills” (I was shy to say breasts)

She answered “What two ant-hills?”

This was the moment of truth. I slowly moved my palms over her breasts and cupped them. She sighed gently. I didn’t know anything else to do but move my hand in circles and squeeze now and again.

I unbuttoned the 3 top buttons and put my hands in. She had no bra and felt her hard nipples on my palms.

I went round to the front of the chair and knelt down in front of her – unbuttoned 2 more buttons. She then made her first move, let the dress go down over her shoulders, removing her bra. All this time she had this ‘naughty’ smile on her face. A moment later there I was, face to face with real breasts. I had seen them in porn mags & tapes, but not in real life. What else could I do but follow my baby instincts… suck ‘em! I put my left hand under her right breast directing it into my wide open mouth. With my right hand I squeezed and sort of massaged her other breast. I changed sides a couple times until I started hearing her sort of mourn or whisper my name.
Now the shock of my life she says, “STOP!!” and pushes me out of her way as she gets up. I thought I had done something wrong. I was breathing heavily by now and had an erection that was as hard as rock. She walked across the room to the bed and she climbed there and lay on her back. I would have thought this was end of story but then I discovered – her dress was still on her waist, she lay with her knees up and legs slightly open. The lights were all saying come come come oooooo.

I went to her and climbed on the bed and knelt with my knees between her feet. I inhaled the sweet scent of her pussy mixed with camphor lotion. It was just too much for me. I went straight for her lips as I got our hands to meet and squeeze each other. I kissed her with desperate passion. I felt my rock hard erection pressing against her pussy through my trousers. As we kissed we both instinctively began to move up and down in harmony – dick and pussy wanted to meet.

Afraid I was going to come in my pants I put my hands back on her breasts and began to squeeze and suck again. I felt her hands pull up my t-shirt so I got up, pulled it off and threw it behind me.

I then wanted to go further. I got hold of her dress and panties in a strong grip and started to pull them down. She helped by lifting up her butt a bit and in turn lifted her feet straight up so that the dress slid off easily. After removing it her feet were on my shoulders. I began to massage her thighs as I began to kiss her feet.  I wanted to do like I had seen on the tapes – French-kiss that pussy!!!!!

I began to kiss down the inner part of her left leg then the thigh – I think I must have rushed coz all I remember is my mouth meeting this wet, warm juicy thing that smelt like hmmmmmmmmmmmm…. Now how do you kiss a pussy? I didn’t  know so I started my sucking her clit, then pulling away making a kissing sound. I did the same to a pussy lip, then to another. I repeated on the clit then that’s when I noticed this was the spot that gave her more joy. I started sucking harder and eventually started tickling her too with my tongue. She put both her hands on the back of my head and lifted her back. My chin must have been right in her pussy because it was very slippery there.

She towards her face and started tugging down my trousers. I removed it together with my undies so fast and my dick just sprang out like an Egyptian Cobra about to strike. I kicked everything off and went back down to kissing her. When I went down my dick landed right on her clit. It was so warm and slippery. I felt her hand grab my dick and she guided it into her pussy. It was so wet that it slipped in like it was sinking into quicksand. The rest was instinct. I started humping her like I was on steroids. She began to breathe so heavy too. I was so intense I thought something was going to go wrong. I felt like she would die or something. As I bumped her she was wrggling upo and down and side to side. We continued in harmony and it began to go faster and faster. I was feeling something like heat in my lower tummy that was becoming hotter and hotter. I was coming!! I felt like I was itching and needed to scratch more for this itch to go. I started humping as fast and as hard as I could. Then she began whispering and mourning my name. She grabbed my buttocks and froze and she pulled me deep and let out a soft desperate cry “Haaaa haaaa haaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..”
I was too much for me. As tight as she held me I humped her as much as I could and felt that heat go through my dick in waves of bliss. I came deep into her pussy and as I came gave her a passionate kiss.

We lay there holding each other for a while then that’s when the crazy thoughts come. I had no rubber, what if she’s preggo now. Daddy will kill mo o!! I slowly pulled my dick out of her pussy and lay next to her. Preggo or no preggo this pussy was sweet. I would marry her here and now to enjoy that everyday.

I didn’t know what to say until she broke her silence and said “thanks” as she got up and headed for the bathroom. All my teenage brain could thing of saying was “I love you” and she just answered with her usual “Hmmph…”

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