My Dick nursed by a NURSE

Was ill, went  to the military hospital yaba n my doctor requested I stayed in the hospital for serious attention. I was assigned a nurse so over the period, she always was  checking on me, to be frank, I v never experienced such level of attention so I thought it was just the way things worked…A friend of mine came looking for me n after my drip, I was seeing him off to the gate when one of the military personnel on duty looked at my hand with the drip plaster n said chai!! This kind guy wey dey sick so, na ur type wey fine like this dey toast nurse… My friend started laughing n I was shocked bcos I really had blocked my mind from possible sex on my sick bed n focused on God to help me get out of there quickly. I avoided going back through that gate to avoid embarrassment from the officer on duty, I took the pain of going through far at the back gate..
The nurse was as always around n it seemed I was the only one that had a nurse to attend to n when my water split on my table, the way n manner she cleaned it was so lengthy n romantic that I had to excuse myself n went outside… No if this is how nurses do , this is rather a temptation for anyone in the hospital! What of if u die won’t u go straight to hell? Considering the people that v died from emergency unit. So I refused to think of what the officer at the gate said n what this beautiful nurse was doing.. As I was strolling, she came behind so close that her hand was positioned for me to hold her, WHO SIDE*warri tongue* this one is pure temptation . I quickly told her bye n turned to my ward. O mehn which SYd! She came in a jiffy with a questionnaire n when she got to the point of WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME I HAD SEX. O boy!, I said pls this interview is over n b4 I slept, I prayed to God nobi small.why won’t I pray when u c people conditionn ind hospital, u ll think about ur life by force.
Omehn, when d nxt week came, I got discharged n I went home, my nurse continued to call me to know if I had taken my drugs n all that. Then I realised how beautiful her booty used to be in her well ironed white nursing dress n how neat n pointy her breast looked. On phone I casually asked her to come see me n she agreed to come on sunday. Behold, the military officer on duty prophecy came to past as I did not v a word of toast for her. She just came n I offered her wine n cookies then got her chicken while she was seeing a movie, I squeeze her pointy boobs n she just turned n faced me holding me like a barrel of gun. Ohmehn the rest na story.the speed she used to unlock her tommy belt was milltary n she was so neat in there. Her pussy had no pussy smell, so fresh n neat. I just realised how neat n pure white  her  nursing uniform was as she NuRsED my dick.     Any with similar experience pls let us hear. Am certain the doctors ll be on ladies more lol

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