Matt’s New Friends

Matt was your basic kid, 17 with raging hormones and a lot on his mind. Mostly about girls but plenty of other stuff as well. At 17 Matt lived with his single mom, Katie. He never really knew his dad so that wasn’t new, what is new is where they’re living now. Recently Katie got a new job, better money but worse hours. She didn’t care much though, she enjoyed work and loved her son. So working hard to make him happy and take care of him was nothing bad in her book. They hadn’t moved tremendously far, only an hour from where they used to live, but they moved into a lower part of L.A. Usually kids at his age tend to be rather upset about moving, but home schooling for the last four years meant he didn’t have any friends to leave or miss and his school wasn’t messed up cause his work came with him.

They moved into a large two story apartment complex, they got lucky and got a unit on the second floor right next to the pool. Matt wasn’t big on swimming but he was big on the girls who did swim. At 17 he was a good looking kid, shaggy blonde hair, blue eyes, light white skin, just barely visible muscles and good looks. He was never full of himself though, his exile from a social life was great in his view but caused him to be rather timid. In his mind being 17 and still a virgin was a curse… little does he know that will all change very soon…

It was a typical summer day, hot and bland. It was early still, at least for him, around 9am. The day was already burning and his mom was away at work probably not to return till late as usual. As he stumbled around his room looking for clothes he heard the splash of water outside, he looked and saw outside his window by the pool five girls. Three of which were very good looking in his opinion. The first to catch his eye he would later find is named Jessica, second oldest of the group at Matt’s age she had his second favorite body. Jessica is 5’8, long legs with nice full C cups and wide hips and a perfect round ass. Looking outside she was wearing a pink bikini top under a now very wet white T shirt and very small booty shorts that allowed a god amount of the bottom of her ass to hang out for all to see. He tried to look away but as she bent over to say something to another girl his eyes glued to the material obviously stretching tight to her pussy. Matt shook his head and soon found the girl of his dreams.

She was the shortest of the bunch at 4’10, she was also a little thicker than all the others but without a doubt was in good shape. Her name is Maria, and she’s a constant swimmer and loved the water. As she laid stretched out on a sun chair, as soon as Matt saw her his eyes glued to her huge rack. She is the oldest at 19, her thick legs and tight round ass could draw any mans attention, but her massive 38 E cups tits do draw every mans attention. Even wearing the full bathing top and a shirt  her tits were clearly visible. Without thinking Matt slowly reached down and took a hold of his hard throbbing tool, watching as the girl talked and moved her tits would bounce and wiggle everywhere. Stroking quickly Matt made up his mind, he had to go down there. He dreamed of sucking on those big tits and spank her ass as he stroked his hard cock fast, before long he begin shooting long hot ropes of cum on the floor. After he finished he was soon outside in his swim trunks, trying to play cool he goes through the security gate of the pool on the opposite side of the girls and coyly lays down on a sun chair.

While he may have been trying to act like he didn’t want attention from the girls, his heart was nearly in his throat with excitement. As he laid himself out the girls did catch notice and within seconds were chatting each other away about the sexy white boy. Now that he had gotten closer Matt noticed it, these girls didn’t have that beautiful skin from tanning, they were all Mexican. Matt wasn’t racist by any means, he just came from an area that was rather racist. The town he lived in previously “People dated their own breed”. Or so he was told by a old codger that lived there while he walked home one day. His heart sank a little, figuring these girls wouldn’t be interested in someone so ‘light’ by the areas standards. It didn’t stop his heart from pumping though especially as he looked from the corner of his eye to see them taking glances over to him.

Suddenly one of the other girls he hadn’t noticed earlier stood up and started walking over in his direction. Going rigid Matt can’t breath and nearly falls out of his chair ‘is she coming over here? No… not for me at least.’ He pretends to just be sun bathing as she finally gets to him. “Hi. Are you awake?” He pretends to smirk but really it’s all he can do not laugh like an idiot in hysteria. “Yeah of course.” She giggles softly “Sorry to bother you, my names Angela, but everyone calls me Angie.” He sits up to look at her, from his laying down position the sun blocked most of his view of her. Once sitting up with the sun out of the way he gets a full look at her. Angie stands about 5 feet even, nice perky b cups. Her short dark hair frames her soft face and big eyes beautifully, she has a nice waist too. With her wearing the long boys swim trunks that she is, not much can be seen below the waist. Matt can’t seem to get his eyes off her extremely hard pointy nipples though. “Nice to meet you Angie, I’m Matt.” She smiles and blushes some as she looks down at the ground. “You’re new here right? Moved in last weekend?” He nods. “Well you can come hang out with us if you want, being on summer vacation right now we spend a ton of time in this pool so you might as well get to know us if you plan on being down here cause chances are you’ll find us here.” Matt just nods dumbly “Yeah sure. I’d love too.” Fear comes into Matt’s mind now, ‘oh dammit should I have said I’d love too? Did I sound too obvious? Shit, fuck…”

Standing up he follows her over to the group of girls as the two others get out of the pool. Dripping with water Matt found himself once again distracted by a sight of beauty. As they reached the other four girls all now sitting in sun chairs, the one sitting closest to them as they get there sits up and looks at Angie. “Oh hi…” The girl then looks at Angie and says something in Spanish that matt doesn’t understand in the slightest. Both girls laugh and the girl in the chair looks Matt up and down and smiles in a way that Matt can’t quite describe why but has his cock starting to swell. “This one is Joanna.” She stands up, standing a nice 5’6 with long legs she’s wearing a full bikini set. Her perky b cups have hard pointy nipples sticking out from under her top that Matt locks onto. He smiles and reaches his hand out, shaking his hand he speaks almost too soft to hear. “Nice to meet you I’m Matt.” She giggles softly and swishes her long hand around her waist. “What was that? Couldn’t hear you.” He feels himself turn red as Angie slaps Joanna on the arm “oh come on don’t give the guy a hard time.” At those words Joanna raises an eyebrow and leans to her friend to whisper something to her, meant for only her friends ears she talks a little to loud and Matt can make out what she says “Oh I would much rather prefer the other way around.” Both girls start giggling and as Angie stands back up next to Matt she says “Oh you and me both sweety…” Matt’s poor 17 year old mind can barely function at this point, he’s so over excited about everything he finds himself not even really turned on. His brain is just too overloaded at this point.

Grabbing his hand Angie pulls him over to the next girl and introduces her. “This is Sasha.” The girl continues to lay down “Hey.” Is all she gets out, Matt looks down at her and scans her body. The most tanned of them all she must stand around 5’11 or more. Her small A cups are covered by a bikini as well as she closes her eyes and mocks a sleep like pose. Matt just raises his hand “umm, hi.” Angie rolls her eyes and turns to Matt “don’t worry she isn’t big on new people, give it a couple weeks and you’ll grow on her.” They move on “This one is Jessica.” She stands up and pulls her shorts down a little as she does. “Hi… umm. So what brought you here?” She seems rather shy to Matt, which strikes him as strange figuring a girl with her body would be quite the social butterfly. “oh, well my mom moved us here for work. Well for her work, I home school and she works a ton so it gives me a lot of spare time.” Not sure why he added so much information she smiles at him in a way that just about melts his heart. “Lucky you! I hate school, having all that free time must be great!” She sits back on the chair and uses her arms to keep herself up, the pushing of her arms causes her tits to push together and create a generous amount of cleavage with her perky c cups, he long hair sticking to her mid back. Matt watches as drops of water slide down her neck and chest between her perfectly sculpted tits. “Umm, well yeah for most people it would be but I’ve got a lot of him based hobbies…

” Angie pulls him  along to the last girl. “And this one is Maria.” Standing up her large voluptuous tits sway slightly from side to side, at her age they sag more than one would expect but for their size they are very perky. She bites her bottom lip as if embarrassed and glances down at the ground. “Hello. So then… what do you do for your hobbies then?” Matt thinks for a minute, trying to think of anything but her topless. “Umm, I play a lot of video games and listen to music and stuff like that.” Suddenly Matt felt pathetic, his hobbies made him a total nerd. That was it, he was doomed or so he thought. Angie caught him off guard a little “Really? Oh awesome that just about all I do!” Maria nodded too “Yeah I’m big on that stuff.” Matt nearly fell over, had he found paradise? He wasn’t sure but he really didn’t want a answer.

Soon Matt had a chair of his own and the five of them chatted away the rest of the day, Sasha though remains rather quiet. Around 6pm Matt finally walks back into his house, unbelievably un-burnt from the hours in the sun. Rubbing his skin all over to make sure there are no burns “wow that stuff worked great.” Getting to his room and taking off his trunks he notices for the first time in hours that his cock is rock hard. He hoped it hadn’t been like that all day or the girls would have noticed. Matt was rather proud of his cock, at 17 it was thick and a good 8 and a half inches long. Getting in the shower Matt slowly begins to stroke his hard cock thinking of the girls, each and everyone to him was worth a good hard fuck.

The next day around 10am Matt awoke to a knocking at his front door, stumbling down the hall in his boxers he opens the door slightly dazed. In front of him stands Angie in a small shirt that cuts off just under her tits leaving her entire taut belly to be seen and a loose baggy pair of shorts. “Hey Matt!” He runs his fingers through his hair and yawns “Oh hey, what’s up?” She smirks at him “Oh god did I wake you up? Laaaaazy! Seriously though I didn’t know.” He shakes his head “oh it’s fine I don’t mind. So what’s up?” She shrugs “oh nothing, ya know? I just wanted to say hi, the others had plans today. I didn’t go though cause I got in trouble with my parents a few weeks ago and they wouldn’t let me go. It was planned awhile back…” He was a little confused, he wasn’t sure if he was just sleepy or if her sentence really didn’t make much sense. With a slight chuckle he opens the door further. “well if you need some company without your friends around come on in, I’m probably just going to watch a movie or something anyway.” Matt’s mind was so centered on how much of her skin he could see he completely forgot he was wearing nothing more than a loose pair of boxers.


Walking into his living room he opens the drawer and puts a DvD in the player. The movie boots up into some action movie, truth being he didn’t pay any attention to what he grabbed. As he turns around to sit on the couch he almost chokes at what he sees. Angie has come in and stretched herself out like a cat on his couch, her shirt has come up even more and now just the bare bottom of her young tits can be seen. As she looks at him she arches her back to stretch, doing this pulls her shorts down some more showing just the top of her shaved pubic hair. Angie nibbles her bottom lip a little and sits up quickly “sorry I was hogging the entire couch! Come on sit sit.” Matt stumbles over and falls down next to her. After a few moments Matt realizes he’s stone hard and his boxers do zero to hide it, he glances over to see if Angie has noticed but she seems not to have. He shifts a little and Angie looks at him “would you be weirded out if I snuggled you?” Matt’s pulse suddenly jumped fifty points “Umm, I wouldn’t mind no.” Laying back on the couch and sliding down a little he puts his arm around Angie as she lays down on him. It isn’t until shes laying on him that he realizes she now has a perfect view of his hard cock. ‘Oh fuck, she’s going to see that and run or slap me or something.’ But nothing happens, silence is all there is except for the movie. Leaning his head back he completely stops watching the movie and just thinks of all the things he wishes he could do to little Angie. An hour or so later he feels something strange, it feels like Angie is rubbing his thigh near his knee. “Hey Matt…” he stays quiet and keeps his eyes closed. “Matt?” She shakes his leg as if to wake him up. “Matt the movie ended, wanna put another in?” He remains still and tries to just pretend as if he’s asleep. Fact is Matt likes having such a soft warm creature to hold and doesn’t care if the movies over. “Matt? Hello sleepy head?” She shakes him a little more and slides her hand further up his thigh, about mid level now. “Wow he sleeps like my mom.” She laughs out loud. “Well I guess I can go ahead and change the movie then.” She goes to get up, but in doing so puts her hand right on Matts crotch to support herself and ends up giving his swollen cock a good squeeze. Its all Matt can do not to scream out and roll onto the couch. She suddenly goes very stiff “Oh my…” She starts to slowly squeeze his hard cock, slowly increasing her grip and then releasing it. “Oh wow… Hey Matt you awake?” as if he would answer at this point. His ability to speak was completely gone by now, he just remains motionless and as asleep like as he could. He heard and felt Angie move around but she never let go of her hold on him. “Hmmm… well… if he’s asleep I guess it wouldn’t hurt to just take a peek.” Matt was holding his breath now unsure of what to expect. Slowly Angie moves her hand down Matt’s leg, feeling her fingers tracing along his skin is driving him insane. When she gets to the bottom of them she starts to push the leg of his boxers up, Matt can barely contain himself. Angie starts biting on her bottom lip as she reaches the end of her journey. Finally she gets to the end and takes a deep breath “ok, so this is it…” She moves her hand into his boxers and wraps her fingers around his fat cock.. “Oh shit.” She breaths out under heavy breath. Matt can’t stop himself and sighs deeply at her touch and the strange relief it gives him. Angie freezes and looks up at his face, looking for any sign of him waking up. Moments pass by that feel like an eternity until she starts moving again. She gives his thick swollen shaft a few quick pumps “Holy fuck Matt honey what are you hiding?.” She quickly pulls and brings his entire cock out into view for herself. “Holy fucking shit…” She mumbles something in Spanish, he doesn’t understand much but feels himself hit with pride as he hears her say something about grande. He knows what that word means and suddenly feels very proud of himself. Transfixed by the large cock in her hands Angie slowly starts to work her hand up and down his fat shaft, while she does she uses her other hand to push her shorts down fully exposing her shaved pussy. While she begin to slide her hand up and down Matt’s cock faster and faster she starts to vigorously work her now drenched pussy. Matt cracks his eyes open just slightly and does all he can to hold back the massive load he knows is going to come. He can’t see her pussy but he is completely sure he knows what she is doing to herself, what he can see is her hand sliding up and down his shaft. He had looks so small as it can barely fit around his fat cock. Slowly Angie begins to slow till she stops, once she does Matt looks to see that she is staring at the precum now starting to ooze out of the tip of his cock. Angie shoots a quick glance at Matt and without any warning quickly moves up and takes the enlarged head of his cock into her mouth. Matt bites his bottom lip to stop from moaning out loud and breaths hard through his nose. Angie can’t believe how good he tastes, the other boys that she’s sucked off before tasted rather salty but Matt was rather sweet. Making sure to slobber all over Matt’s cock good she pulls her head up and starts stroking his cock fast and hard, while she does she pushes two fingers deep into her hungry cunt. She continues stroking his cock for a few more minutes and then stop “Oh fuck it!” He hears her say before shoving his cock back into her own mouth, the loud sounds of slurping and sucking only add to the scene as Matt watches her drool all over his cock. Angie quickly bucks herself up on her knees and fucking herself faster with her fingers, the audible sound of her fingers only intensifies this for both of them. Using one hand to play with her hot little pussy she uses the other to play with her tits and pinch her nipples. As she does Matt loses himself in what’s going on and starts to moan out loud and buck his hips up, fucking little Angie’s mouth. Moaning louder as she notices the reaction he’s having to her mouth she tries to get Matt even deeper into her mouth. She chokes and gags and suddenly pulls up and off of Matt, tears rolling down her cheeks she looks at Matt. Scared that she might run off Matt looks at her in terror, looking at him she starts to jack Matt’s cock again to help comfort him “Look who finally woke up! Bought time.” Matt just smiled. “Well Matt sweety, you have a gorgeous beautiful cock. The girls are REALLY going to like you, but luckily me first.” Matt was a little confused by what she meant by ‘the girls’. Leaning down and licking Matt from his balls to the head of his cock she smiles at him devilishly. “Ok Matt, listen… I REALLY want to suck this fat dick of yours down and swallow all your yummy cum… I do. But what I need is to stick this big fuck stick as deep into my pussy as possible. So I’ll make you a deal, let me stuff myself with your cock and later on today I swear to swallow a nice big load of yours ok?” Matt just nodded dumbly all he could think was ‘was that a trick question?’ with a joyous squeal Angie quickly jumps up and sits on top of Matt, straddling him she reaches down and aims Matt at her wet hole. “ok… now let me do this ok? Something this big could really hurt a girl.” Matt stays silent as he stares down and watches as the head of his cock sips into Angie “oh fuck!…” Angie pushes herself down further, the tightness is almost too much for Matt to handle. It’s the most amazing thing he’s ever felt, Angie leans down and gently bites Matts neck “Errr… Oh FUCK it Matt your fucking HUGE!” Pushing herself down further she gets about six inches down and stops, breathing heavily she looks at Matt in the eyes. “How is that? Good baby?” Matt nods “Holy fuck Angie… you’re so fucking tight.” She smiles softly “I’m glad you think so hun… don’t worry I’m not going to let this monster beat me, before I cum I’m getting all of you in me. Oh and if you want to cum go for it ok? Just fill me, I’m on the pill so it’s fine.” Angie begins to slowly slide herself up and then begins to gently drop herself back down onto Matt’s large swollen cock. Everytime she comes down on him a clear “ohhh god” or “oooo fuck” comes from Angie. Finally she drops herself down hard and bottoms out on Matts monsters. “Oh fuck I did it… oh god… fuck it Matt, your so deep I’ve never had someone this deep… shit… fuck… I can feel you in my stomach! Oh god I love this…” Matt agreed but couldn’t say it, all he could do was lean forward and start sucking on her nipples. “Oh fuck yeah baby, suck’em. Suck them hard… oh that’s right bite them!” Like an animal stricken with hunger Angie begins bouncing up and down Matt’s entire length, going as far up as possible before dropping all the way back down to his balls. Matt leans back and starts to moan loudly “Oh fuck Angie you feel so fucking good!” She leans and kisses him hard on the lips. “You like it? Hmm? You like fucking me deep? You like shoving that big fat cock deep into my little cunt and fucking my tummy?” those words were it for Matt, he could feel his balls letting go. He was worried he was going to ruin everything when suddenly Angie arches her back and screams “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck it! I’m fucking cumming!” Angie slides her hands up her stomach to her tits and squeezes them hard as she does, as Matt feels her pussy clamp down onto him he lets loose and begins the hardest orgasm of his life. He feels as if his balls are going to get sucked right up and come out themselves, Angie pushes her self all the way down and feels him begin to fill her. “Oh god Matt I can feel it inside me you’re cumming!” She grates her hips into him as he cums, shot after shot. She feels how hot and deep his cum is “Oh sweety your cumming straight in my tummy…” She strokes his hair as he keeps cuming, Angie can’t believe how much there is. After a minute or so though he comes down, returning to earth he feels light headed. “Oh fuck Angie that was amazing.” She smiles “You’re telling me hon.” She looks down and realizes that what looks like gallons of cum has oozed out of her pussy. As she gets off of him she savors the feeling of his long dick sliding out of her, finishing with an audible ‘pop’ as the head comes out she purrs to him. “mmmm baby that was amazing… we have just GOT to do that again… and again.” She giggles as she reaches down and rubs her pussy a little. “but not for awhile, you really tore me up. Give me a couple hours ok?” Matt sits dumb founded, he would be happy for ever again, but a few hours? Had he died and gone to a better place? Whenever you want Angie I’m ready when you are.” As she lays down back onto him she slips her mouth back over the deflating head of his cock and sucks hard, making sure to make a nice loud pop as she pulls off of him. “oh I’m sure you will be.”… To be continued.

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