It happened to me

This incident am about to recount happened to me a long time ago. I was in my 3rd at the university, when ASUU when on strike some days to d beginning of exams. Most students left for home and a few remained in school. The chicks that were in school were most Aristos, year one people cos they were supposed to begin exams and prescience people. Anyway, I went drinking that night with pals but got hungry so decided to eat. I called for food as I did, I noticed one cute smally siting on her own. She had an empty plate in front of her and was busy making frantic phone calls, from what I could see, all not well cos she looked a little harassed in her countenance.

Anyway, I got my rice, beans and dodo, started eating and noticed the waiter walk over to her for the 3rd time. She started crying then, I left my group and walked over to them and asked what the problem was. The waiter said she ordered food and a bottle of malt, ate and didn’t have money to pay. I asked the waiter, is that why he was embarrassing her and he said someone has to pay for her meals or else it would be taken from his pay. I told him, it was ok, that I would foot the bill but cautioned him not to embarrass her again. He left, I then made to sit wit her but she rebuffed me. I smiled and walked back to my group and continued my meal. The waiter came over to me, gave me her bill, I paid and I instructed him to give her a bottle of gordon sparks with her total bill and to tell her its been paid for.

She came over to where I was sitting with my pals and started apologizing for being rude earlier but I told her it was fine then asked her to sit and tell me why she could pay. She said her friends and room mates took their room key bfor she got home, when she called they promised her they would meet her at this joint only for them to got to party without her, while locking her outside. O boi, I looked up at the skies and asked myself what kind of devil is this. Me that was running from runs cos I was preparing for exams, now had one thrown on my lap.

Anyway, suffice to say I didn’t slack. I kept her hands always full and after she has had 3 bottles of Gordon sparks and a bottle of large stout, she was quite in a happy mood. She walked me back to my crib, spent the evening watching movies with me. She kept falling on my body and touching my legs, action started when I touched her shoulder. O boi, I cant tell how fast our clothes where flung out, I just remember one moment we were laughing, we fell on my arms, I touched her shoulder and she jumped on me. I tore her top out, her bra and panties followed after. She was tiny, so it was possible to maneuver her into many different positions. The nyashing didn’t stop till early hours of the morning by then we were both tired.

Funny enough, her friends called around 5 am and she told em where she was. When they got to my crib, I was giving her good bye fucks. Didn’t know her friends heard her screaming her lungs out till one of them eyed me and said. Hmm, na wah ooh. Do u think u can replicate what u did to my friend with me? I said sure, whenever u want. U now knoew where I stay. Well she did come and we repeated the movie but that story is for anoda time.

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