I fucked u… oh and your mom

I stood transfixed to my window..i had been starring at our new neighbour…she had just moved in with her family..that is her and her twin children faith(girl) and daniel(boy)..they were both 16 and their father was late….as I watched their mum(Gina) arrange their baggage into the house I couldn’t help but notice her fine ass…it was shaped like a full moon..and when she walked her ass twerks…her boobs were definetly C cups and when I looked closer i noticed dat she wasn’t wearing a bra…and dat the cruxifix of jesus was suffocating between her boobs……
My name is Alex…I’m tall,athletic and a computer nerd…I never reli had a girl friend cos I was a one nite stand kind of guy…I was no virgin…I always got lucky and had had sex a few times…the new neigbour(GINA and her daughter) had attracted me…I wanted to have dem both..so I put them on my to-do-list..and I got my game on….
The next day was a school day..I was suprised to see dat faith had been enrolled in my school with her broda..I approached them and we became friends immediately….faith was always skemping me and so I knew she was into me…in the evening we would all go down to fetch water 4rm the well and talk about the school day activities…by dis time people were already calling faith my wife..we had exchanged numba’s and even made midnight calls we had even kissed but had not done anyrhing serious….after our waec, Gina wanted to enroll faith in a computer school but since I was good with the computer I decided to teach her…faith would come to my house around 10am(we were always at home cos we had finished our waec) and leave around 3pm….
On this faithful day she came 2 my house and knocked…my junior sister was leaving the house so she ushered her in…meanwhile I was in the bathroom having my bath…faith came in and instead of revising our previous work she put a blue film into d system and started watching it….when I came out I was suprised and questioned her..she said she loved the video and asked if I was a virgin, is said no and she told me dat my d*ck was standing tall..I was ashamed but she laughed and before I knew it she was kissing me again…I knew I forgot to lock the door bt I didn’t care again…we kissed 4 long ours and then I began fondling with her boobs..they were small…nothing like her mothers but they were very sensitive..I continued sucking her nipples which where now very sharp…she was moaning as I bit her nipples so I had to play some music on my computer…as i was sucking her nipples i proceeded to put my entire palm on top of her pussy…it was swollen and wet….I went down to to eat her….i licked the juices at the entrance and open the gateway to her honeypot…I mouted her full pussy and I tasted sweet I put my finger into her pussy and I started fucking her…she came on my hand and she begged me to f*ck her..I told her that I didn’t have any condoms and she said no probs dat I would pull out when I wanted to CUM…I agreed and I started fucking her spoon position she was CUMing like every 3mins…when I bent her over to give her my normal doggy position I rammed her pussy for 10 straight minutes and as I was about to CUM I pulled out and she dried my balls…we watched more porn and soon my dick was standing again…when we got back to fucking she was screaming louder than usual…giving me the soundtrack”ye ye ye ah ah” I was on the verge of CUMing but as I tried to pull out I couldn’t…faith had used her walls to grip my dick and I couldn’t hold it any longer so I realesed my load inside her pussy and that was the best experience of my life…I asked her why she did that and she smilled and told me not to worry dat nothing would happen….she went to freshen up and as she left she told me dat her and her broda were goin 2 vigil in the nite…she asked me 2 come along bt I refused cos I wasn’t a church guy…..
I was feeling bored and was regretting why I didn’t follow faith to church or my family too….I was lying on the bed watching..”Spatarcus”….when I saw faiths notes on my bed…I had to return it cos her moda was strict and would ask to see her computer lesson note..I got up 4rm the bed put on my singlet and boxers only and went to faiths house..cos we lived in the same compound I wasn’t ashamed of my dress code..when I got to faith’s house I knocked and lo and behold GINA opened the door for me and she smilled…she asked me why I dressed like dat and I told her I just wanted to return the book and go back home..when she opened the book her mood changed..she was angry..she invited me in and locked the door…I was afraid…she asked me about my computer lessons and I told her dat faith was doing well…she asked me”bt why does she not write notes” I was suprised..in my haste I had forgotten to open the book..she asked me to tell her the truth about he lessons cos she had heard faith moaning in the bathroom and calling my name….I was embarrased and suprised…I noticed that GINA’s nipples were getting erect…I didn’t know why until I looked down and saw dat my dick had escaped 4rm the hole of my boxers and was standing…I tried to cover it but Gina told me not to worry that I had a nice dick..I told her that I loved her nipples that I needed some milk cos I was hungry…she took me to the room and as I started sucking her boobs I realised I was in heaven..her boobs were very thick and sweet..I sucked and sucked until her nipples were pink…she got down on her knees and started stroking my dick..I noticed that my normal 9inch dick now looked bigger cos of her stroking..when she put her tongue on the head of my dick I passed out……….
Her continuous sucking of my rod brought me back to consciousness…she had dried my sperm bank and my dick was as strong as a pole…I told her I wanted to eat her and she agreed….faith was sweet but GINA was sweetest..I sucked her pud for 5 minutes…she came on my face but I still continued…I was now tongue fucking her and she was screaming…”Segun segun”…WTF that’s not my name but who cares cos I was enjoying it…I proceeded to fuck her big nice boobs and my dick continued slurping against her cleavage…I came on her nipples and she was moaning loud..I decided that I was goin 2 fuck her untill she screamed “ALex ALex”..I inserted my mighty dick into her pussy and it was still tight..I wonder how dat was possibe cos she had given birth…I continued to fuck her slutty pussy…and then I heard what sounded like “Go..d,Go..Go…d,Al..ex,Alex…fuck” I saw dat she was reaching an organsm and so I slowed down..she was angry and I told her it was punishment for screming “segun instead of alex”..she said she was sorry and dat she would do anything for me…I started grinding her again and in no time she had her long desired organsm….I refused to cum until I had f*cked dat huge ass…so I inserted my dick and the ass b like “konga”…I fucked her silly and is I was about to com she told me to come out and offload on her belly…but as iw as coming out she grabbed my dick and put it in her pussy..she tingled my balls and I released my semen into her pink pussy……gina an faith were great fuckers and I  released inside dem both…it was time 4 gina to get punished…I had her suck my dick clean and then she game my ass hole a good licking….
The next week I packed my bags and baggages and moved to ABUJA…nope don’t get me wrong I was not running away…I had just gotten admission in the university…
I hope dey never find out I slept with dem both…but if they find out wetin I go do?i fucked u oh and your mom`

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