crasiest fuck i have partaken in

For me, i rarely have sex, and it’s a fact, but sometimes, i get this ITCH, to just wanna do something really WEIRD.
i can be very crazy when it gets to that level my people. i don’t know how to hide the truth,i really have seasons that all i fink about is SEX,MORE SEX AND MUCH SEX.
On this particular day,while washing up my clit after a pee,i felt the ripeness of the lips of my LABIA and i knew that i was in for TROUBLE. i am really active in church and i know that i truly love the lord,but sometimes, SEX,doesn’t understand xtainity,islam or other views you know.
i had to minister in the choir,but my clit was expanding,juicing,milking,and i really was hot,with steam emitting from there.
i began to take notice of every good looking male in the congregation and BINGO,THE LAST AMEN WAS SAID.
my next point of call was the ATM machine,and then i got to a place called TOLL PLAZA, i then booked a room,got two bottles of brandy, ELLIOT AND JACK DANIELS with my pack of white london and locked meself up. unknown to me,a youngster was equally itching in the next room and he also wanted to smoke some GHANA WEED,so wetin come happen? he did some usual,knock on my door feeling it was a fellow male,to ask for a lighter. @ this point,i had a fone call from a very koloish friend of myn and i was explaining how i felt,he said he was @ D DOOR and i opened the door in my garden of eden state.
you need to see the shock on my face and the dude in question.
i don shark jackie daniels pass half,elliot don finish,white london don remain 1 stick of one pack,ASPEN don finish,my clit don big reach lime and i was dripping,my nipples don stand die,my chest dey heave,my ikebe dey strong like zuma rock,my eyes don resemble fox own,sly,heavily dosed. the guy no ask 4 permission ohhhhhhhh,im just push me for the table,shut the door,start to lick and suck. he put some ELLIOT AND JACK DANIELS INTO MY PUSSY and it burned harder,then my nipples were treated to some gud and soft kiss,which made my fluids flow like a river,before u know the unleashing of the tigress don start. with my weight,i push the guy go down,put my G/STRING 4 im nose make im dey smell fresh fish,i start this saddle so tey the guy limp.
the guy introduced me to the green hemp and we fuck without food for like 6hours no stop. the guy was gud,he had control of his emotions and he knew how to put a crazy,fuck starved vixen in check.
when his babe came,she leave the guy come attack me,men see gusto,fuck of the century and the shoutings no get part 2 my people.
when we left the hotel the next day,everybody dey look us like say we don kill evrybody for naija. i no send,my itch don stop,my belle don cool,my cunt dey sore but very contented,my nipples don swell and my breast don see fire. my yansh don get correct slaps,my little lips don swell well,well from kisses,and finally,none of us sabi jack bout anybody,but the FUCK WAS WORTH IT. guess what,the guy dropped an envelope in my bag with this note which i carry in my wallet everywhere i go:

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